Live Stream

Light Squad is a video production company specialized in the area of Broadcast and Live Stream Productions for advertising agencies, companies, brands, promoters, educational purposes, and event coordination.

We have experience using a variety of video-sharing and social media platforms and creating private and pay per view portals.


Light Squad specializes in remote outdoor location productions and complex event spaces. 

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Project Planning and Integration

Light Squad offers professional broadcast and live event teams and facilities. We are ready to work with you whatever your campaign objectives or production needs. Live streaming offers many practical solutions to separation by geographic distance to the action. Broadcasts can be viewed by a small private group or shown publicly to a global audience.

As one of our core services, we aim to simplify the process of live streaming. There are many options to consider when producing and encoding a professional multi-camera live stream & webcast. Why not benefit from our experience? When Light Squad becomes part of your campaign, we integrate with your team through the entire pre-production, production & post-production process.


Live Stream & Webcast Platforms

We can live-stream multi-camera switched content to multiple platforms. Most commonly, we use Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, Youtube as well as both private and public streams on company websites. Unique to Absolute is our ability to restart or delay individual live streams per platform independently of one another if required during the live production or broadcast.

Live Stream & Webcast Technology

Production equipment technology has evolved both in manufacture and sophistication.  This now allows HD, even UHD production and live-stream transmission within very reasonable budgets.

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Live Stream & Webcast Productions

It has never been more realistic for any person, group, company, collective body to come together to produce high-quality visual media content and connect with a global audience.

There are so many niche markets out there waiting to be developed; so many opportunities to capture your share of a globally appreciative audience.

Live Graphics

With live streaming tending to parallel what we expect from network television and professional sports broadcasts, the need for an integrated graphics solution is a critical part of many projects.


When Light Squad is hired to produce the entire live stream or just the graphic elements, our first step is to understand the needs of the project. So we work through the details to answer the critical questions. Are we are designing the entire graphics package from scratch? Can we take existing graphics and modify them for a specific desired result? Should we create a playout of a complete pre-rendered graphics package?

There are many systems on the market today. All provide a wide range of delivering graphics. Some live streaming switching systems offer an onboard graphics option, however, typically these switcher add-ons are on the simpler side of the scale. However, Light Squad can provide the robust flexibility that a professional project requires.