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Elrow - Chinese Row Year 2020 Lisbon
Elrow - Chinese Row Year 2020 Lisbon
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Donoma - Winter Looks 2020
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Omatapalo Group - Pemel
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Light Squad is a creative production company based in Porto specialized in 360º filmmaking solutions.

We are a young group of experimented creative artists of all types. Like Batman needs Robin, or Spider-Man needs Mary Jane, the exigent client needs Light Squad. Each one of us has a different skill, which allows us to full fill 360º needs in the world of the image. 


Equipped with the last generation technology, and armed with our experience and creativity, we are ready to do history. A strong, competent, and professional squad, with no fear of new challenges, are ready to use their skills to eternize your moments.


Do you want to have a "super" work? 

Let us know and we contact you back!

Thank you!